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Freedom - Journey therapy and Health Coaching
Empowerment through Journey work - awareness, openness & courage
Oneness and Connection
Harmony, balance and self-development - Coaching and Journey sessions
Welcome to my website about journey therapy and body work in Fremantle area
Are you ready to connect deeper or uncover inner peace, balance, energy and sense of fulfillment by releasing  limiting believes, actions or patterns that are not serving you? Perhaps diving into a liberating, divinely guided Journey process, receiving a relieving and clarifying health coaching session, or experiencing a rejuvenating or emotionally grounding dance/ movement session in my beautiful studio might just be what you would bring you to your core. I invite you to be open and curious and have a browse in the menu. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or like to have a chat about what I can offer to you. Sat nam, Inge

The Journey

A Journey process is a beautifully guided visualization process that can clear out old emotional patterns , after which inner peace, freedom and love remain...


Coaching can give you clarity on your choices and motivations whilst dealing with resistances, fears or believes that may hold you back...

Body Work

Yoga, dance & movement offer positive emotions and connect body, mind & soul. We have individually designed session, group classes and events...